Monday, October 22, 2007

mower family record

Below is what I believe to be a copy of the Family Record from my 3rd-great-grandparents, Martin and Mary (Underhill) Mower.
Page 1
Lewiston, October 20th AD 1814
2nd Stillwater Min, June 10th 1858
Martin Mower, Greene, b. June 1st, 1791, d. Aug 16, 1877
Mary Underhill, Chester NH, b. May 18th 1795, d. March 12th 1857
John E. Mower, N. Vineyard, b. Sept 27th 1815, d. June 11th 1879
Oren Mower, N. Vineyard, b. Aprill 23rd 1817, d. October 3d, 1842
Martin Mower, Starks, b. March 20th, 1818, d. June 1891
Emily Mower, Starks, B. Octo. 9th 1820, d. April 27, 1917
Seward P. Mower, Bath, b. Novm. 22d 1822, d. April 17th 1850
Horace Mower, Georgetown, b. March 22th 1825, d. Aug. 29th 1847
George Mower, Bath, b. May 18th 1827, d. May 23d, 1880
Wm. Henry, Belgrade, b. Aprill 30th 1829, d. Aug. 19th 1870
Mary Jane, Starks, b. Dec. 25th, 1830
Page 2
Children's Marriages
Oren Mower, Bangor Maine, Dec. 22th 1841
Emily Mower, Bangor Maine, April 13th 1842
John E. Mower, St. Louis, Mo.
Mary J. Mower, Bangor, Maine, April 30th 1849
Seward P. Mower, Bangor, Me.
William H. Mower, Boston, Mass., Augt. 15, 1854
George Mower, Ea. Corinth, Me., Nov. 19th 1856
SOURCE: Family Data, possibly Mower Family Bible, Photocopy in Possession of Family History Center, Bangor, Maine.

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