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i love "cousin" lucy

According to information at, Lucille Ball is a direct descendant of Joseph and Phebe (Perkins) Towne. If one then peruses a copy of The Family of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield by Benjamin Apthorp Gould, Phebe Perkins is included as a granddaughter of Zaccheus. Now, why would I happen to have this book readily handy, well because I also descend from Zaccheus. It would seem that Lucy and I are 10th cousins, we share Zaccheus Gould as a 9th great-grandfather.

How does this work. Let's walk up through the generations on my family tree to Zaccheus, then we'll walk down the branch that includes Lucy.

1) Dale W Mower
2) Frank E Mower and Avis M. Terrill
3) George Richardson Mower and Harriet Elizabeth Vickery
4) Edward William Vickery and Harriet Bain Parker
5) Stephen Thayer Vickery and Betsey W. Gibbs
6) Jonathan Vickery and Ruhamah Gould
7) Nathaniel Gould and Ruhamah Bickford
8) Nathaniel Gould and Jane Arey
9) Nathaniel Gould and Grace Hurd
10) John Gould and Phebe French
11) John Gould and Sarah Baker
12) Zaccheus and Phebe Gould
11) Thomas Perkins and Phebe Gould
10) Joseph Towne and Phebe Perkins
9) John Cummings and Susanna Towne
8) John Cummings and Mary Larrabee
7) Reuben Cummings and Hannah Booth
6) Isaac Ball and Hannah Cummings
5) Isaac Ball and Sarah Manross
4) Clinton Manross Ball and Cynthia T. Dale
3) Jasper Clinton Ball and Nellie R. Durrell
2) Henry Durrell Ball and Desiree Evelyn Hunt
1) Lucille Desiree Ball
Ancestry of Lucille Ball,, online
accessed 16 Nov 2007.
Benjamin Apthorp Gould, The Family of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield
(Lynn, Massachusetts: Thos. P. Nichols, 1895.

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photo: frank and mildred (richardson) mower

Frank Lester Mower & Mildred Mae Richardson
Married 24 October 1900 in Bangor, Maine
Photo is not dated.
Possibly wedding photo?

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andrew webster family

I'm a descendant of Andrew and Martha (Crane) Webster, two of earlier settlers of Orono, Maine. They are my 5th-great-grandparents. The line going back to him travels like this:
My grandmother was Harriet Elizabeth Vickery, daughter of Edward William & Harriet Bain (Parker) Vickery.
Edward William Vickery was the son of Stephen Thayer & Betsey W. (Gibbs) Vickery.
Betsey W. Gibbs was the daughter of Elisha and Martha (Hasey) Gibbs.
Martha Hasey was the daughter of William and Prudence (Webster) Hasey.
Prudence Webster was the daughter of Andrew and Martha (Crane) Webster.

Bangor Historical Magazine included the following about this family in their January, 1889, edition:

Andrew Webster and Family, of Bangor and Orono

Hon. Israel Washburn, (who married a grand daughter) says in his Orono Centennial address, 1874, that Andrew Webster "was a native of Salisbury, Mass., and was probably the son of Andrew Webster, born in that town Nov. 12, 1710, whose parents were John and Sarah Webster, and when quite young was brought by his father to New Meadows, now Brunswick," I do not find any Websters in Brunswick at that time. On Georgetown Church Records the following may be found:
Sept. 7, 1766, Andrew Webster admitted to the Church.
Sept. 8, 1765, Martha Crane admitted to the Church.

Mr. Webster removed from Georgetown to Penobscot, about 1770 and then to Wheelerborough, now Hampden, where he exchanged lots with John Emery, of New Worcester, Pl., now Orrington. "In consideration of a lot conveyed to me on the east side of the river, I sell him, etc., a lot of equal dimension on the west side of the river, of 100 acres. I entered upon said lot and had it surveyed Jan. 30, 1775, and I am now in full possession." Dated May 1, 1776, Witness Eliashib Delano and Jonathan Lowder.--Hancock Records, Vol. I, page 470. This lot was probably river lot in Hampden No. 40 as afterward surveyed, and since in the possession of the descendants of Emery. Soon after this Mr. Webster settled in what is now Bangor, near the intersection of Main and Water Streets.

He was a man of influence in plantation and town affairs, often Town Clerk and Selectman. He was, I believe, a ship builder by trade. He and his wife were church members when they came here and belonged to the old Brewer and Bangor church prior to 1800. He removed to Orono; was the first Town Treasurer; Constable and Moderator in 1806. He died Nov. 1, 1807, his death was caused by a fall of mill timber. He married Martha Crane, I am inclined to think, of Georgetown or Phipsburg. She died 1823. Children were, probably not in order:

PRUDENCE, b. April 29, 1767 in Georgetown and baptized May 31, by Rev. Ezekiel Emerson, Minister of Georgetown. She m. William Hasey of Bangor, July 22, 1787, by Rev. Seth Noble. Mr. Hasey was b. in Chelsea, Mass., June 8, 1761, arrived in Bangor March, 1781. As an early settler he received lots No. 50 and 51. He early joined the first church in Orrington, and was one of the original members of the first church in Bangor, when it was formed Nov. 27, 1811. He was an honest, industrious and worthy citizen. He d. June 28, 1850. The Widow Prudence d. July 4, 1852, aged 85. The children all born in Bangor were:

1. Patty Hasey, b. Sept. 28, 1787; m. Elisha Gibbs, Jr., of Glenburn, May 28, 1810.

2. Ebenezer Hasey, b. Aug. 24, 1789; removed to Albion; m. Fanny Harper, pub. in Bangor, June 13, 1819.

3. Andrew W. Hasey, b. April 15, 1791, of Bangor; m. Nancy Johnson, Oct. 25, 1820. She d. May 14, 1870, aged 75 years, 20 days. He died. Their daughter Sarah L., b. Aug. 17, 1826; m. Geo. R. Lancaster; she d. Sept. 29, 1879.

4. Margaret Hasey, b. Feb. 1, 1794; m Samuel Adams.

5. Susan Hasey, b. Jan. 28, 1796; m. John P. Davis, pub. Mar. 10, 1821.

6. Jane W. Hasey, b. July 9, 1798; m. John Whitcomb, of Glenburn, pub. April 27, 1830. She d. 1835.

7. William Hasey, b. June 30, 1800; lived in Bangor; m. first, Elisabeth W. Winslow, of Albion, pub. June 9, 1827. She d. Oct. 29, 1832, aged 33. He m. second, Miss Julia Houlton, of Houlton, pub. May 16, 1833.

8. Rebecca Hasey, b. April 5, 1804; m. Thomas Mansfield, of Glenburn, pub. Oct. 5, 1833.

9. Hannah Hasey, b. May 6, 1806; m. Richard Webster.

10. Elijah W. Hasey, b. May 16, 1809; lived in Bangor; he. d. Dec. 23, 1886; m. first, Hannah B. Martin, of Newport; she d. Feb. 25, 1864, aged 51 years, 5 mos.; m. second, Mrs. Calista Leadbetter, she d. 1871-2; m. third, Mrs. Julia Hodgdon, of Kenduskeag. His children. Frances, Thomas B., William H., Prudence W., Hannah B., Ambrocine, Nancy J., Elijah, Charles E., Ward B., Annie, Edward M. and Geo. Crosby.

MARGARET, b. Sept. 11, 1773; mar. Aaron Griffin of Albion, June, 1796, by Rev. Seth Noble "at Mr. Webster's." He was born Aug. 27, 1766; was a Town Officer in Orrington, 1805; lived in Passadumkeag in 1835; children Daniel W. b. Oct. 28, 1810; Susan b. May 18, 1811; Aaron d. 1886; Andrew and others.

DANIEL, b. April 10, 1776; lived in Bangor near the Red Bridge. He was an active enterprising citizen, much in town office. He died May 11, 1818, aged 42, leaving a widow and nine small children. He mar. Eliza, daughter of Dea. William Boyd; she was b. Apr. 14, 1777, and d. Sept. 15, 1858. He and his wife were admitted to First Church, Bangor, Feb. 8, 1815; their children born in Bangor were:

1. Charlotte, b. Feb. 1, 1803; mar. Jonathan Brooks, of Wiscasset, Sept. 26, 1825.

2. Hannah B., b. June 18, 1804; mar. Doctor David Skinner, of Sebec, pub. Sept. 5, 1829; he died, and his widow d. in Bangor, Dec. 20, 1886, aged 82.

3. Martha, b. Nov. 20, 1805; mar. Richard W. Griffin, of Orono, June 21, 1826; she was admitted to first church in Bangor, May 11, 1823, and dismissed to church in Hadley, Illinois, May 15, 1843.

4. Jane, b. Nov. 20, 1805, twin; mar. Amos Davis, of Bangor, Mar. 28, 1841; she joined First Church in Bangor, Feb. 15, 1824 and d. Mar. 29, 1841

5. Andrew, b. Sept. 28, 1807; d. in California, Nov. 29, 1852.

6. William, b. July 6, 1809; lives in Minnesota.

7. Elisabeth, b. Apr. 21, 1811; mar. Andrew Griffin, of Bangor; pub. Oct. 13, 1837; Mrs. Griffin d. in Chicago, Ill., Dec. 4, 1888.

8. Caroline V., b. Sept. 1813; she admitted to First Church, Bangor, Sept. 7, 1828; mar. Rev. Thomas Smith; b. in ---; grad. Bowdoin College, 1840; ordained minister at Brewer Village, Jan. 26, 1846, and d. there April 8, 1861; she d. in Bangor, Oct., 1887. Their daughter Caroline mar. Joseph G. Blake, of Bangor.

9. Daniel, b. May 24 (12) 1816; resides in Bangor; mar. Miss Alice E. Parker of Compton, Canada, Oct. 26, 1858. They have several children.

10. Margaret Wyman, b. Sept. 12, 1818; mar. Frank W. Carr, of Bangor, Feb. 16, 1853.

RICHARD, settled in Orono, first selectman there 1808; removed to Glenburn, then Patten, where he died. (Richard Webster and Mary Lowell, both of Orono, mar. Dec. 16, 1811; Richard Webster and Hannah Randall, of Bangor, mar. Feb. 27, 1837; Richard F. Webster and Mary S. Thaxter, of Bangor, mar. Sept. 9, 1838.)

EBENEZER, b. Bangor, Oct. 3, 1780; settled in Orono, lumberman. Col. of the Regiment, Selectman, Representative 1818. He first lived in what is now Old Town. Early in the settlement of that town William Dale built a double saw mill just below where the depot is, and soon sold out to E. & E. Webster, who in 1817 built another mill outside, and operated these mills until 1823, when they sold out and removed to Orono, where they afterward lived. He died Aug. 16, 1855. His will Apr. 30, 1855, proved Sept., 1855; Ebenezer Webster Jr., and Israel Washburn, Jr., Executors, names wife Lucy; children Lucy, wife of Josiah S. Bennoch, Ebenezer, Paul D., Ann D., wife of Nathan Weston, Jr., Mary Maud, wife of Israel Washburn, Jr., Martha, wife of Joseph Treat. Col. Webster mar. Lucy, dau. of Paul Dudley, of Milford, Sept. 5, 1805; she was born Apr. 15, 1783, at Warwick, R.I.; d. May 28, 1859. Children:

1. Martha, b. Aug. 17, 1806; m. Joseph Treat, of Orono, Sept. 24, 1835. He b. in Frankfort, Oct. 24, 1809; d. in Orono; no children.

2. Alexander, b. June 5, 1808; d. Oct. 22, 1809.

3. Lucy, mar. Josiah S. Bennoch, of Orono, Sept. 16, 1833; she d. May 23, 1879; he b. April 10, 1806; d. Jan. 24, 1878. They had children.

4. Ebenezer, b. Old Town, May 21, 1812, of Orono; lumberman; Representative 1875-76; Aid de Camp to Gov. Washburn, his brother-in-law. Married first, Martha A. Trafton, of Bangor, July 21, 1839, daughter of Gen. Mark Trafton; she d. at Aiken, S.C., Jan. 6, 1850. He married second Miss Polly S. Crowell, April 12, 1852, of Orono. He d. Aug. 24, 1883. Children:--J. Fred, b. Aug. 3, 1853; Annie M., Maud W., Eben C., Alden P.

5. Paul Dudley, b. Sept. 3, 1814; Lumberman, of Orono. He m. Lucina M. Crowell, of Orono, Sept. 22, 1842; their daughter Mary, first married Dr. Palmer, and second, Weston F. Milliken, Esquire, Merchant of Portland, had other children.

6. Ann B., b. July 17, 1816; m. Wm. H. Allen, Orono; Sept. 24, 1835; she d. June 2, 1885; he d. Jan. 29, 1863; several children.

7. Susan H., b. Jan. 1, 1819; m. William Averill, of Orono, Oct. 24, 1842. Their daughter Maria C., b. Aug. 29, 1843; m. Frank Gilman, of Bangor. Other children.

8. Catherine B., b. March 7, 1821; m. Nathan Weston, Jr., of Orono, Sept. 9, 1838; he b. in Augusta, Feb. 28, 1813; graduated Bowdoin College 1833; settled in Orono 1837. He was Representative 1849, 1850; removed to Bangor, 1850, and to Massachusetts 1858. She d. West Newton, Mass. Dec. 15, 1874. They had nine children.

9. Mary Maud, b. July 24, 1824; m. Israel Washburn, Jr., of Orono, Oct. 24, 1841. Mr. Washburn was Representative to Legislature; Representative to Congress, 1851 to 1861; Governor, 1861-1863; removed to Portland; Collector of that Port. Mrs. Washburn, d. at Minneapolis, Jan. 6 or June 30, 1873. He m. second Miss Robina N. Brown, 1876. He d. in Philadelphia, May 12, 1883. He had children by first wife.

ANDREW, b. ---- Physician; lived in Liverpool, N.S.

JAMES, b. ---- lived in Liverpool, N.S.

ELIJAH, b. in Bangor, 1790; he lived in Orono; Lumberman. Selectman, 1827; County Commissioner, 1838-41. He d. June 28, 1863; he m. Lucinda Tyler, of Brewer, 1818; she was the daughter of Ebenezer Tyler, Jr., and his wife Lavinia Brewer, of Col. John. Tyler was son of Col. Ebenezer Tyler, of Attleboro, Mass., and came to Hampden, and was drowned crossing the Penobscot River, May 13, 1800, and was buried in Brewer Cemetery. Widow Tyler m. Bradshaw Hall, of Castine for her second husband. (1818,) after his death she resided many years with her daughter in Orono, July 20, 1871; children:

1. James, of Orono; Representative, Lumber manufacturer; d. April 11, 1888; aged 62 years, 7 mos. and 20 days; me m. Anna B. Baker, of Augusta, Dec. 30, 1850; she now living in Orono; several children.

2. Lavinia T. H., m. Rev. Asa T. Loring, of Bangor, Feb. 1, 1842; removed to Omaha, Neb.

3. Ellen M., prob., m. Benjamin Silsby, of Bangor, pub. July 22, 1842.

4. Richard P., (?) m. Mary S. Thaxter, of Bangor, pub. Aug. 25, 1838.

5. John B. (?)

6. Bradshaw H. (?)

MARTHA, b. ---- m. Capt. Francis Wyman, of Orono; he went there 1791-2, from Phipsburg, Me.; he d. Feb., 1857; several children.

SOURCE: [Anonymous], "Andrew Webster and Family, of Bangor and Orono," Bangor Historical Magazine: A Monthly," volume IV, number 7 (January, 1889): 121-4.

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photo: sisters minnie and daisy grant

my grandmother and her sister
Minnie (Grant) Tompkins and Daisy (Grant) Terrill
daughters of
Moses Brown Grant and Martha Edith Dow

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photo: george mower

My great-great-grandfather
George Mower
son of Martin and Mary (Underhill) Mower
b. 13 May 1827 in Bath, Sagadahoc Co., Maine
m. Elizabeth Eastman on 19 Nov 1856 in Corinth, Penobscot Co., Maine
d. 25 Jan 1880 in Bangor, Penobscot Co., Maine
buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Pushaw Road, Bangor, Maine

1860 census entry for the mower farm

The Mower farm housed a small household in 1860. My great-great-grandparents, George and Elizabeth (Eastman) Mower had only been married for 3 years. One child had been born to the couple on 17 Nov 1857, a son they named Charles M.; however he had died as an infant on 23 Feb 1858.
1860 U.S. Federal Census for George Mower
SOURCE: 1860 U.S. Census, Penobscot County, Maine, population schedule, Bangor City, Ward 5, page 5, dwelling 29, family 29, George Mower household; digital image at (, accessed 1 Nov 2007; citing National Archives microfilm publication M653, roll 576.

According to this census, the value of the real estate at the time was $1500, with personal estate valued at $700. The census lists the following individuals:

George Mower, a male aged 33, a farmer, born in Maine.
Lizzie Mower, a female aged 27, born in Maine.
Ann Mariah Mower, a female aged 13, born in Maine. She had attended school within the year.
Alanson Annis, a male aged 20, born in Maine, with no occupation listed.

Ann was not a daughter of George and Lizzie, so who was she. It appears that she was a cousin to George. George's uncle, Calvin Mower, and his 2nd wife, Lydia Thompson, of Greene, Maine, had a daughter Ann Mariah born in 1849 (the last of his 11 children). However, Anna M., aged 11, is listed in the Calvin Mower household on the 1860 census for Greene. Possible duplication? The Bangor census is dated 4 Jun 1860, where the Greene one is dated 18 Jun 1860, although both should have listed individuals in the household as of the official census date. More digging will need to be done on this one, but not sure if a definitive answer will be discovered. Ann may have been in Bangor assisting in the house, it is interesting that in every census Lizzie has been in thus far she seems to have a "domestic" or "servant" girl listed.

Alanson, I am presuming to be a hired farm laborer.

My 3rd-great-grandfather, Martin Mower, who had lost his wife, Mary Underhill, in 1857, is absent in the Bangor, Maine, census for 1860. He can be found living in Minnesota on this census, with his 2nd wife - more on that later.