Friday, October 26, 2007

the bain connection, part 4

Mary Bain, the daughter of Capt. James and Harriet M. (Rounds) Bain, never married. Thanks to Google Books, I was able to locate the following article in The Publishers' Weekly that mentions her and the unfortunate events of her planned wedding day.

GEORGE H. WATKINS, of the publishing firm of Brown, Thurston & Co., of Portland, Me., was found dead in his room in the United States Hotel, on the evening of the 6th inst. He was to have been married that evening to Miss Mary Bain, daughter of Captain James Bain, of Portland. The guests had assembled in the house to be occupied by the couple, where the marriage ceremony was to be performed, when the announcement was made that Mr. Watkins was ill and the ceremony must be postponed. Later the sad news was broken to Miss Bain and the guests. Mr. Watkins was apparently as well as usual, but during the day his friends were unable to find him. He was supposed to be about the city, and no alarm was felt until the hour for the wedding approached. Then the room was entered and it was learned that Mr. Watkins was dead. The cause of death was hemorrhage from the lungs or stomach. It is supposed death occurred during Wednesday night. Mr. Watkins was 40 years old. He was a native of New York State.
SOURCE: The Publishers' Weekly: American Book-Trade Journal, Vol. 37, No. 946, March 15, 1890 (New York: Office of the Publishers' Weekly, 1890), p 371; digital image at Google Books (; accessed 26 Oct 2007.

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