Saturday, August 9, 2008

john mower's revolutionary war trunk

Mom, Melissa, Dale & Dad outside the Monson Historical Society

Today, August 9th, 2008, the trek was finally made to the Monson Historical Society. Genealogical friend Tootie Bennett had kindly informed me a couple years ago that included in the society's holdings was the trunk that John Mower had taken with him into service during the Revolutionary War. The trunk featured his initials tacked onto the top of the trunk. So Patti, Melissa and I picked up my Mom & Dad and off we went.

Trunk of John Mower, Revolutionary War Soldier

Grandfather of Sophia Parker Pullen

Donated by Genevieve Beckwith

Sophia Parker was the daughter of Ireson & Pamelia (Mower) Parker, born in Greene on 2 Dec 1821. She married on 8 Mar 1841 Horace Pullen of Monson.

I'm descended through Pamelia Mower's brother, Martin.

I encourage all of John Mower's descendant's to make the pilgrimage to Monson to see this trunk in real life.

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