Saturday, July 5, 2008

grant gathering 2008

I'm proud of my loyalist roots and to be a Grant descendant from Southampton, New Brunswick. Grant Gathering 2008 is coming up (unfortunately I won't be able to attend, but want to help spread the word to interested cousins).

The wrap up
Family of the "Southampton New Brunswick Grants". Descendants via male or female line from John Grant and Elizabeth Lockwood. Contact us to discuss if necessary.

A Gathering of the Grants at the Southampton Community Hall. A fee will be required to cover costs of meals and incidental expenses.

August 1 - 2 - 3, 2008

Southampton is in central New Brunswick, between Woodstock and Fredericton on the North side of the Saint John River approx. 10 km. north west of the Hawkshaw Bridge (Exit 231 off Highway 2). There will be a sign posted at the intersection of Route 105 and Campbell Settlement Road.

To salute our ancestors "where they pioneered" and meet and greet relatives we know or have not met yet. (And of course to have a great time).

Craigellachie !!!

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