Sunday, May 4, 2014

hasey gravestones located in mount hope cemetery

As I was strolling around the older Public Grounds Section of Mount Hope Cemetery last week, the sun caught this set of three old gravestones just right so the surname of HASEY caught my eye.  The stones themselves are worn and much of the inscription is close to illegible, but upon a closer look I realized that this grouping did indeed belong to people in my family tree.

The gravestone on the left is for Elizabeth Hasey, wife of William Hasey, who died 29 Oct 1832 at a young age.  This matches with Elizabeth W. Winslow who was the first wife of my 3rd-great-granduncle William Hasey (son of William Hasey & Prudence Webster).  The gravestone in the middle is for their son William Francis Hasey and the one on the right is for their daughter, Mary.  Both of these children died as infants in the 1820s.

I had no previous record of where these relatives were buried.  I am assuming, based on the fact that Mount Hope Cemetery did not open until 1836, that these three Haseys were reinterred in Mount Hope Cemetery from one of the other smaller "abandoned" cemeteries in Bangor that were moved in the name of progress.

I still have not located the final resting place of William Hasey.  We do know he married 2nd to Julia Houlton of Houlton, Maine.  She is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in that town.

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