Friday, November 16, 2007

i love "cousin" lucy

According to information at, Lucille Ball is a direct descendant of Joseph and Phebe (Perkins) Towne. If one then peruses a copy of The Family of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield by Benjamin Apthorp Gould, Phebe Perkins is included as a granddaughter of Zaccheus. Now, why would I happen to have this book readily handy, well because I also descend from Zaccheus. It would seem that Lucy and I are 10th cousins, we share Zaccheus Gould as a 9th great-grandfather.

How does this work. Let's walk up through the generations on my family tree to Zaccheus, then we'll walk down the branch that includes Lucy.

1) Dale W Mower
2) Frank E Mower and Avis M. Terrill
3) George Richardson Mower and Harriet Elizabeth Vickery
4) Edward William Vickery and Harriet Bain Parker
5) Stephen Thayer Vickery and Betsey W. Gibbs
6) Jonathan Vickery and Ruhamah Gould
7) Nathaniel Gould and Ruhamah Bickford
8) Nathaniel Gould and Jane Arey
9) Nathaniel Gould and Grace Hurd
10) John Gould and Phebe French
11) John Gould and Sarah Baker
12) Zaccheus and Phebe Gould
11) Thomas Perkins and Phebe Gould
10) Joseph Towne and Phebe Perkins
9) John Cummings and Susanna Towne
8) John Cummings and Mary Larrabee
7) Reuben Cummings and Hannah Booth
6) Isaac Ball and Hannah Cummings
5) Isaac Ball and Sarah Manross
4) Clinton Manross Ball and Cynthia T. Dale
3) Jasper Clinton Ball and Nellie R. Durrell
2) Henry Durrell Ball and Desiree Evelyn Hunt
1) Lucille Desiree Ball
Ancestry of Lucille Ball,, online
accessed 16 Nov 2007.
Benjamin Apthorp Gould, The Family of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield
(Lynn, Massachusetts: Thos. P. Nichols, 1895.

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Lori said...

Interesting! We share great-grandparents. Zaccheus and Phebe Gould were my 11th great-grandparents. Our Zaccheus Gould branch is identical all the way down to John Cummings and Susanna Towne. From there I am descended from Joseph Cummings who married Abigail Estey (granddaughter of Mary Towne Estey, hanged in Salem in 1692). I too am a (very) distant cousin of Lucille Ball.

I find this all so very fascinating, especially since my husband and I have a trip planned in July of this year to visit Salem and Topsfield.

Lori in California